Jenna CAINS (Scotland) has been with us since the 1st of February 2002. Karl-Niklaud HULT from Sweden has been with us since the 15th of May.

Giovanni MACAGNINO from England joined the team on the 1st of June 2002.

Read what Giovanni had to say about his visit to Gansbaai...

On the 2nd of June, we welcomed Giovanni MACAGNINO on board our programme. Michael and Tracey joined Giovanni in Cape Town. The weather was superb, but unfortunately the sea was too rough to work at Dyer Island...
We then visited the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town...

Wonderful views... And some very strange furry rabbit like creatures called "Dassies", who share a comon ancestor with the elephant (Believe it or not!), welcomed us on top...

Jenna and Niklas stayed in Gansbaai as Michael and Tracey left for Cape Town the day before already... But after this superb excursion (Michael's first time on Table Mountain in five years in South Africa), we certainly will come back with Jenna and Niklas!

Hopefully the sea will flatten out for tomorrow... let's go and see some sharks!!!

Giovanni writes about his experience in Gansbaai with the White Shark Trust...

I spent a whole month with Michael Scholl and his wife, Tracy, at Gansbaai. The month of June 2002 was a mixed bag of weather so we could not get out everyday, but the days we did get out to Dyer Island were fantastic, with too many sharks to mention there were some memorable animals. The largest being close to 4.5 mts and the smallest (my favourite) only reaching around 1.7 mts (it was a real cutie).

Mike and Tracy make great hosts and do care about their assistants, they don't just take your money like so many other supposed 'research' groups. Mike cares about the animals, and Tracy cares about Mike (which is lucky, 'cus she married him).

The accomodation is better than most student accomodation that is generally found around the world, and meals are always fun, social, times.

During our time off we got into Hermanus a couple of times and Mike & Tracy took us on a few day-trips; they really do care that assistants enjoy their time, but we never felt that we HAD to join in.

During June we were lucky enough to spend five days on the Algoa anchored in Mossel bay working with senior scientists from Marine and Coastal Management; this however is a rarity for assistants. It was just a coincidence that it was going on while I was there.

I found the experience fantastic value for money (dependent on your own currency), and would suggest that if you are dithering as to whether to apply or not I would definitely go for it. Do not confuse this trip with so many others were you would just become a 'tourist', this is the real thing, GREAT WHITE RESEARCH.

By the end of the trip Mike, Tracy, Nick the Swede and EVEN Jenna the Scot had become my friends, as well as other people in the industry such as Ryan (NZ), and tourism people (Juan etc).

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