Jenna CAINS (Scotland) has been with us since the 1st of February 2002. Karl-Niklas HULT from Sweden joined the team from the 15th of May. Niklas will stay with us through mid-July.

At the end of March, Michael Scholl suffered a knee injury (on shore - nothing to do with sharks) followed up by surgery which left him unable to conduct the research by himself during April and the first half of May. Jenna then embarqued on Shark Diving Unlimited's commercial cage diving boat for that period and collected the data and photographs.

The first couple days of Niklaus in Gansbaai were granted with some strong winds.

We then went to Erlkraalsmond (about 10kms from Gansbaai) to walk on the beach...

But what are they doing?

Niklas is definitely looking for something...

Who would have guessed it?

Niklas found a beautiful Shark Tooth right there in the sand...

Nobody wanted to believe him at first... Lucky? Well let's just hope that he is lucky with the live sharks as well!

We then took a drive to De Kelders (famous for its whale watching, but a little early still in the season)... there are a couple great caves to admire...
Niklaus' first days at sea...

Great weather, flat sea, TEN sharks and a lot of action!

The price to pay: Seasickness for Niklas... A small price to pay though for the others!

Jenna is handling the bait line...

Two sharks were very fast and nearly surprised her... BUT she is a PRO now, and no sharks fools around with her anymore!

Niklas' second day...Anti-seasickness pill in and arm band on... Feels good!

Niklas is a natural at the baitline: he is a real "MasterBaitor"!

Overcast skies... But who cares:

13 sharks observed today!

And six sharks on the third day!