At the end of September 2002, the White Shark Trust welcomed four new Field Research Assistants:

Manuel GORDILLO from Madrid, Spain on the 25th of September,

Victoria MILLS from North Devon, England on the 30th of September,

Hyun KOUNNE from Cambridge, USA,


Polly CROUCH from Aberdeen, Scotland on the 1st of October

Read Vicky Mills' comments about her stay with the White Shark Trust...

The storm which started on the 30th of September was still raging on the 2nd of October when Helen was leaving... We drove Helen to Hermanus to catch her airport shuttle...

Al, Helen, Camille and Laura formed a wonderful team! We will miss them dearly!

Sunday the 6th of October... Finally the weather settled down again... there were still huge 2 to 4 meter swell, but frustration has an end...

Only one shark to welcome the new team though... But it felt good to be on the water again!

Monday the 7th of October was another day... the sea had calmed down overnight and the sky cleared up... The first day in a week of storms and gale force winds and heavy rainfall...

We first visited Dyer Island, Geyser Rock and Shark Alley to look at the colony of Cape Fur Seals.

Manuel also wanted to test his home made "pole camera"... but the visibility was poor after the heavy seas of the past week.

Six sharks were observed today, with two sharks closing on four meters in length... Great day!

On Tuesday the 8th of October 2002, Polly and Vicky were handling the baitline and our seal decoy ("Britney" for all Spears fans out there)...

Great weather... strong winds (again!)... AND six sharks! Great day!

Two sharks visited our boat for an extended time for a change... some great action and testing for Polly's fresh bait handling skills!

And of course, Manuel as crazy as always!

What Vicky MILLS had to say about her experience as a White Shark Trust Field Research Assistant...

The life and experience of working for the White Shark Trust was to be all intense and purposes fascinating and unique. To see those magnificent fish swimming inches from the waters surface, mere feet from yourself, more than overshadowed the intense smell of the bait (I can not stress the smell) and in my case unfortunate seasickness. I feel that I was actually involved in something that’s’ eventual outcome will have a positive impact.

As for the people, well let me just say that it is not every day and every place that you can get a Swiss man listening to the Austin Powers II soundtrack while he is pulling away from harbor, and to have slightly eccentric Spanish guys building pole cams in garages using a disposable camera, a piece of 2 by 4 and a lot of sticky tape.

For all those people on weight watchers, I wouldn’t come here though, I have to warn. As Tracey’s cooking is fantastic. I put on _ stone. What ever your day has been like, you can guaranteed a hearty meal, which you will not, be able to turn down, at the end of the day.