Chris FIORESCU has been assisting us since October 2002 as a guest. Lydia HO (Toronto, Canada), Costa KONNARIS (Cyprus) and Jennie SANDBERG (Galveston, USA) have joined the White Shark Trust on the 15th of January 2003. On the 20th of January 2003, the White Shark Trust welcomed two new Field Research Assistants:

Linda HEAP from Perth, Australia / University of Western Australia


Paul GROVES from Perth, Australia / Murdoch University

On Thrusday the 22nd of January 2003, we were once again invited to join the team of Shark Diving Unlimited on Stan... Although we tried different spots around the island, we observed no sharks, neither did any other boats that day. On the 23rd of January, we observed a two meter shark shortly.
After several hours of waiting (and hoping) for sharks, it gets a bit boring when most jokes (even Chris' weird attempts at very weird discussions) have been told... and needless to say disappointing. But it makes it all the more special when a shark will finally appear!
On Thursday evening, Tracey cooked us a large pot of Abalone / Perlemoen... a very prized shellfish found in the area, heavily targeted by illegal poaching as it is a delicacy in Asia. We invited Morne to join us for this delicious meal.
On Friday the 24th of January, we observed one small shark again... maybe a different one from the previous day. There are very few sharks in the area this January, whereas in 2002, we observed a large number of sharks during the same month...
Long waiting hours... but this shark stayed around the boat for quite a long time... we had time to give each other nicknames... Costas won that game by far: "The Mexican", "PervSmurf", "Taco", "Tequila", etc... (more later)
On Saturday the 25th of January, we observed two sharks from Lamnidae. One large shark of nearly four meters and a smaller one at two and a half meters.

Today we observed one very rare observation: a Ray came up to the surface!!!

Costas went out with Shark Diving Unlimited, and he observed that same large shark for nearly an hour before we did.

It took less than a week for Jenny to cheat on her husband Tim... this is a really sad story... and with whom? With a little sleepy local (no, no, not The Mexican!)... a small catshark (well endowed though with his two claspers).

Sunday the 26th of January 2003...

Australian Day!

Beautiful day... calm sea... But the sharks did not seem to like this Australian Day !