The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Lori ORTEGA from Galveston (Texas, USA), Suraida NANEZ-JAMES from Galveston (Texas, USA), Michelle RAYBURN from Calgary (Canada) and Leonard PACE from Brooklyn (New York, USA).

Michael UNWIN from the United Kingdom took part of the Assistantship program from the 1st of April to the 15th of May, he has now joined us until the 16th of June as a guest.

A little winter storm hit our coastline on Monday and lasted until Wednesday morning, bringing a lot of rain and rough seas...

Although the sea was still agitated, we managed to go out to sea on Wednesday the 4th of June 2003 after the sky cleared. Unfortunately, we rather had a bad day with only two sharks who just did not want to "play".

Lori and Suraida went out earlier that day with Shark Diving Unlimited, and they were given the chance to enter the cage and admire a few White Sharks underwater! They were very lucky as the water was very clear and the sharks were "playing", and had a fantastic time!

In the evening of the Wednesday, we spent the evening in the company of Ramon Bonfil (Wildlife Conservation Society), Stella And Michael Unwin around a warm fire (dearly needed these last few winter days!).

Ramon and MichaelU just spent the last two weeks in Mossel Bay deploying satellite tags.

Thursday the 5th of June... an equally rough and uncomfortable day at sea during which we observed 6 different White Sharks altogether. Not really a day to remember as the combined sea conditions, sun glare, drizzle and uncooperative behaviour of the sharks just made it too difficult to really enjoy!