The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Michelle RAYBURN from Calgary (Canada), Leonard PACE from Brooklyn (New York, USA), TJ BARANEK from Pewaukee (Wisconsin, USA) and Emilio VALENTINO from Bussigny (Switzerland).

Thursday the 19th of June 2003 welcomed us with another beautiful day...a bit chilly, but that winter! We observed seven sharks today! The sea calmed down from yesterday and the water visibility got better during the day... Tomorrow should probably be one of those stunning days!

Michelle is missing the girls' company on the boat!

On Friday the 20th of June 2003, we welcomed back Tom Peschak on board Lamnidae. Here he is proudly (look at the wide smile on his face) posing with his brand new Subal housing.

The weather was wonderful and the conditions were great, but the sharks were slow to come today and only visited our boat for short periods...

We nonetheless observed 10 White Sharks today!

The weather is supposedly turning to windy and rainy conditions from Saturday onwards... we will see if the weather forecast is right.

The forecast was indeed right, and the weather over the weekend and beginning of the week was mixed with rainy days and sunny days with very rough seas... playing Pictionnary, having braais, watching movies, playing with the dogs, reading the new Harry Potter, etc... Waiting for the weather to settle!