The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Chris MILNES (Grantham, Lincolnshire, England), Andy CASAGRANDE (Santa Cruz, California, USA), Polly CROUCH, Alice CLARKE (London, England), and Rick HOLMES (Likely, BC, Canada).

Alan DUNCAN (Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland) has been with us since the beginning of September. Marine and Coastal Management (MCM) invited one of our assistants to help them during their two week satellite tagging project at Dyer Island and in Mossel Bay on board the FRS Sardinops. Alan was the lucky assistant to join this joint research program with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). He joins the tagging team from the 3rd to the 17th of November 2003...

Saturday the 8th of November 2003, Alan, Polly and Andy joined the FRS Sardinops crew to help with the Satellite tagging of White Sharks. The joint MCM and WCS team managed to tag one Shark with a SPOT tag and another with a PAT tag.

It was a beautiful day - flat ocean, hot and just a very light breeze - but the Sharks were very slow. On board Lamnidae, myself, Alice, Rick and Chris did not observe any sharks unfortunately, but we observed the SPOT tagging operation.

We probably were out-chummed by the Sardinops as we were anchored in the vincinity... a good excuse anyway for our pride!

At Dyer Island, we observed a school of Yellowtail swimming in circles for well over an hour while we were anchored... a spectacle that would please more than one fisherman, and most people in Gansbaai certainly. This was quite an amazing sight!
We then visited the nearby Cape Fur Seal colony on Geyser Rock, just opposite Dyer Island... The seals were very playful all along the island, usually a sign that Sharks are not around... It is always a pleasure to look at these "Clowns of the Sea" as their curiousity draws them to the boat...
And some photographs taken by Andy Casagrande during the past few days...
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Some of the photographs shown in these pages depict hooking and handling Great White Sharks. These pictures do not reflect the White Shark Trust's foundation statement. The SPOT satellite tagging is a joint collaboration between the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Marine and Coastal Management (MCM). The White Shark Trust does not agree or support the hooking operation of White Sharks to attach SPOT tags to the dorsal fins. The White Shark Trust would like to see alternative attachment methods used without hooking and hauling the Sharks out of the water. The White Shark Trust does however support the PAT tagging program which involves normal spear tagging without direct handling.