The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alan DUNCAN (Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland), Chris MILNES (Grantham, Lincolnshire, England), Andy CASAGRANDE (Santa Cruz, California, USA), Polly CROUCH and Alice CLARKE (London, England).

Friday the 10th of October 2003 started very much like the previous day... flat sea but overcast sky... the wind started blowing later in the late morning hours... We observed 8 different White Sharks today.

Andy Casagrande worked from "Stan", Shark Diving Unlimited's cage diving boat... and lucky him, Andy got to dive again!

On Saturday the 11th of October 2003, we went to sea early, hoping that the wind would only blow later that morning... Unfortunately, the sea turned out to be very rough already and the wind blowing near gale force. After a hour chumming, we decided to return to shore. We enjoyed an early afternoon in the garden...
On Sunday the 12th of October, Polly and Alice went on "Stan" to collect data about the sharks.

We are very thankful to Shark Diving Unlimited for allowing our assistants to join their excursions on a regular basis. To complete our photographic identification study, we need information collected from as many boats (and places) as possible.

Soon after the spring low tide, the rest of the team also went to sea on board "Lamnidae".

We observed eight different Great White Sharks in just over three hours... but at around 16:00 (4 p.m.) we decided to go back to the harbour as a thunderstorm approached and lightning struck on Dyer Island... to be at sea is not the bext place to be!

We welcomed a TV crew from VOX, a German TV company, who is making a travel documentary about the Western Cape, and they wanted to include the White Sharks obviously.

They were interested in showing White Sharks from the research and conservation point of view. The White Shark cage-diving industry will benefit from this travel documentary!

Andy B Casagrande will become a star in Germany when the documentary will be broadcasted... He performed live on board Lamnidae with his guitar singing his Great White Shark song!

The funny thing is that the sharks seemed to come to the surface when he was singing... Andy "Shark Whisperer" ? Or were the sharks just trying to sleep? Who knows...

Below are some photographs taken by Andy B Casagrande on the 11th of October when he spent the day on Shark Diving Unlimited's boat Stan collecting data...
Below are some photographs taken by Chris Milnes during the second week of October 2003... during which we experienced some real winter weather (although warmer) with heavy seas... Chris, Andy, Alice and Polly walked up the Gansbaai Mountain on Wednesday the 15th... Very nice walk and climb with a fantastic view from the top over Walker Bay and Dyer Island...