The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

TJ BARANEK from Pewaukee (Wisconsin, USA), Alan DUNCAN (Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland), Chris MILNES (Grantham, Lincolnshire, England) and Rhiannon COLLINGBORN (Chippenham, Wilts, England)

Friday the 5th of September 2003, we were invited by Shark Diving Unlimited to join their excursion... And I would like to thank Shark Diving Unlimited and their crew for this great opportunity during which Rhiannon, TJ, Alan and Chris all got to dive in the shark cage!
We observed 13 different White Sharks today! But unfortunately for the research, most sharks did not stay around the boat for more than a few seconds, nor did most of them want to show us their dorsal fin... But, there are some days like that! It was a great and fun day anyway, with five sharks over 350 cm total length!
TJ was the first to get into the cage... hey, he has also waited the longest... actually since mid-June. Then Rhiannon dared the cold water and cage, followed by Alan and finally Chris.

They were very fortunate to have crystal clear water conditions, and sharks swimming around the boat and cage the whole time!

Their second day around Dyer Island... and already in the cage! Unfortunately, Emilio and Tommaso, our assistants in July / August, never got to go in the cage... They will have to come back I guess! Cage diving is always a bonus!

In the afternoon of Friday the 5th of September, I took a drive to De Kelders with Alan, Chris and Rhiannon, for some shore-based Whale Watching... it was a beautiful afternoon, but the whales were a bit on the lazy side. Nonetheless, we observed probably six or seven Southern Right Whales from the rocks...
The following photographs have been taken by Alan Duncan during his first week in Gansbaai and at Dyer Island...