The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Benjamin WESTROPE (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA) and Jennifer LEE (Arcadia, California, USA).

On the 1st of April, we welcome Christopher POOLE from Nottingham, England.

On the 2nd of April 2004 we launched into April (already) with a foggy and overcast day. Yesterday we had one of the rare thunder and lightning storms, and decided to stay on shore rather. We anchored in Shark Alley since Cape Nature Conservation does not rule over the 500 meter boundary around the island anymore. We observed 10 different White Sharks, but they were rather shy...
On Saturday the 3rd of April 2004 we were invited by Shark Diving Unlimited to join them on board Barracuda. Shark Diving Unlimited is running a Shark Speciality Course at the moment with a group of Shark enthusiasts from Italy lead by Primo Micarelli. I am giving two lectures about the Sharks and the research in South Africa, more specifically about my photo ID and population research...
We observed seven different White Sharks today in the Dyer Island Channel, among which "Stoney 3", a Shark we observed several times over the past few weeks and who behaves in such a relaxed and calm manner that she deserved a nickname. A larger four meter Shark also visited the boat for a while and gave the divers in the cage quite a show! Very nice day!
The whole day, thunder and lightnings were blasting the sky in the distance, and we even had some rain at times... a very strange atmosphere and a bit eerie with the Sharks.

Jenna Cains, one of our first assistants during the first half of 2002, now working for Shark Diving Unlimited, was taking care of the Italian group.