The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Sophie Fleur POST (Groningen, The Netherlands), Jessica REDINGER (Hope Valley, RI, USA), Oliver RUDD (Oxford, England) and Gael LAMIELLE (Decines, France).

Friday the 9th of July 2004 was an absolutely wonderful day with no wind, no clouds and a flat ocean... a real summer day! We observed nine different White Sharks today... Great day at sea and with the Sharks! So great that our assistants all decided to do their own Shark impersonalization (see below)... You are the judges!
On Saturday the 10th of July 2004, Michael, Tracey, Andy (ABC4) and his girlfriend Tamara, were invited to Darren's 30th Birthday in Fishoek. It was a very nice reunion with two of our former assistants. Great party!

Darren Hunniford is assisting Alison Kock and Karl Laroche with their research project on the predatory behaviour of White Sharks at Seal Island in False Bay. Darren is assisting this telemetry and behavioural project from June through August 2004.

The two large buoys seen in these pictures are part of the VRAP (Vemco Radio Acoustic Positioning) System used by Alison and Karl to track White Shark and Seal movements...

Andy performed in front of a new audience and his success was immediate! Later on, Karl took Andy's guitar and went wild... Steffan Swanson and his wife Bonny also joined the party, among several other friends of Alison, Karl and Darren...