The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN (Burnham, England), Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Nicolas PADE (Nivaa, Denmark) and John NICHOLS (La Jolla, California, USA).

On Thursday the 4th of November 2004, we welcomed on board Lamnidae a German production company. Alex and Trey joined Michael and the three-men film crew on board Lamnidae for what turned out to be one of the best day with the Sharks in months... We observed eight very active White Sharks today...
nonfictionplanet is commissioned by North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR) to produce the documentary series "Mare TV" ("Ocean TV"). This popular prime-time program is being broadcast monthly and entirely related to the oceans of the world and adjacent coastal areas, it tells stories of people, of culture and living being influenced by the sea.
At times, we had three or even four large White Sharks swimming around the boat... It was just an amazing day!!! The Mare TV show should air during the first week of February 2005 on NDR and SAT1. John and Nick joined the Shark Diving Unlimited team on Barracuda for the day, and they anchored next to Lamnidae in the afternoon.
Friday the 5th of November, our day at sea on Lamnidae certainly was not as exciting as yesterday... We nevertheless observed six different White Sharks, but they were not as active as yesterday. One of Alex' best friends, Dan, arrived in Gansbaai today. Alex and Dan went on Barracuda (Shark Diving Unlimited) for the day to enjoy a cage dive.
Late afternoon, we drove to De Kelders to look at the sunset and the Whales... We spotted probably ten Southern Right Whales lazing along the coast. A couple of Whales 'woke up' and started breaching just before sunset.
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