The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN from Burnham in England has been with us since the 16th of September 2004.

On the 1st of October 2004, we welcomed our new group of field assistants:

Trey SNOW from Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Nicolas PADE from Nivaa, Denmark


John NICHOLS from La Jolla, California, USA

On Friday the 1st of October 2004, we welcomed our new team of assistants. Trey arrived in Cape Town nearly a week ago, while Nick landed two days ago. On our way to Gansbaai, we picked up John at the airport as he flew in from California after a long and exhausting flight. We stopped on Sir Lori's Pass overlooking False Bay and Table Mountain in the distance...
We stopped a few times along the two hour drive from Cape Town to Gansbaai to stretch our legs, especially since our car was overpacked with all the luggage. We stopped in Hermanus to see some Whales and Dassies on the rocks, but the southeasterly wind blew strong. We saw one Southern Right Whale... and the usual Dassies of course.
After unpacking the car at home in Gansbaai, we took a drive around town to De Kelders to have the taste of the best Milkshake in the world at the Cafe on the Rocks... We saw at least half a dozen Southern Right Whales along the coastline. And what a beautiful and hot day this was...
On Saturday the 2nd of October 2004, we went to sea on board Barracuda, Shark Diving Unlimited's cage diving boat. This was our introduction day to the White Sharks to our new group of assistants, Nick, Trey and John. Beautiful day at first with just a light breeze, but the wind picked up fast around noon and we returned to shore. We observed six different Sharks!
From left to right: Trey Snow, Ivan Hardenberg (crew), Nicolas Pade (in front), John Nichols, Alex Brown, Frank Rutzen (crew) and Morne Hardenberg (crew of Shark Diving Unlimited)
Driving back home from the harbour, we drove to the tip of the small Peninsula between Gansbaai and Kleinbaai, Danger Point. The famous HMS Birkenhead wreck lies just one mile offshore since 1852 (see below).

The legend says this is where the phrase "Women and children first!" was first used. The South African name for White Sharks "Tommy" originates also back to this accident.

On Saturday afternoon, Tracey, Trey, Nick, John and Alex went to the local Pub to watch the Rugby game... Later that evening, we all went to Frank's Pub, better known as Frank se Gat, at his home to play some pool and have fun. Great evening!
Jennifer Lee gave this Thank You card to the Rutzen Clan when she left in April 2004... I thought it was due time to show you Jennifer's Art in honour of Frank se Gat or Frank's Pub where we spend so many fantastic evenings!
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