The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Susan Marion COGHILL (Tighnabruaich, Argyll, Scotland), Holly FRANK (Surprise, Arizona, USA) and Nicola PYLE (Portsmouth, Hampshire, England).

On Thursday the 16th of September, we welcomed Alex BROWN from Burnham, Slough, England.

On Friday the 17th of September, we welcome back our friend and previous assistant Darren HUNNIFORD for a couple of weeks as a guest...

On Thursday the 16th of September, we welcomed Alex Brown to South Africa. A shuttle welcomed Alex at Cape Town airport and drove him to Hermanus, where Michael was meeting him. Hermanus is a touristic village reknown for its shore-based Whale watching... The cliffs overlooking Walker Bay are also home to very strange animals, Dassies or Rock Rabbits. The closest living relatives to the Dassies are Elephants!
And we welcome back another familiar and friendly face... Darren Hunniford was one of our assistants in December 2003 and January 2004. Darren has been assisting the research team in False Bay for the past four months, and before returning to Wales, he decided to visit Gansbaai again and spend his last couple of weeks with us.
After a stormy and rainy weekend, probably our last winter storm, we managed to go to sea again on Monday the 20th of September... Alex' first day sea... We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the ocean had calmed down overnight, and we spent a beautiful day sea. We observed eleven different White Sharks today, but they did not stay around the boat for long...
On our way back to Kleinbaai along the shore, we spotted a few Humpback Dolphins and several Southern Right Whales. We are very happy to welcome Darren back to Gansbaai and on Lamnidae. He certainly had an amazing winter at Seal Island in False Bay, from all the stories and breaching accounts he is telling us.
Tuesday the 21st of September was a wonderful and warm day at sea... On our way from Kleinbaai harbour to our anchoring spot in Holbaai, we encountered a medium sized pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. We remained with the Dolphins for an hour before driving to Holbaai to work with the Sharks... Dolphins are always great fun to play with!
Unfortunately the picture to the right summarises well what our day was like... Looking at Gulls nibbling on our bait... We observed six different White Sharks, but they only came to the surface once. We later learned that the fishermen were fishing Cape Salmon... The Sharks were probably busy eating fresh and living Cape Salmon, instead of being attracted to our dead bait.
Wednesday the 22nd of September was supposed to be another beautiful day, but the weather forecast was wrong and a strong winter northwesterly wind picked up... We found a sheltered anchoring spot nevertheless, but the Sharks were few and shy... We only observed four different Sharks for a matter of a few seconds. Our worst day in months...