The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Justin HUBBEL (Anaheim, California, USA), Ronald NEALY (Freeport, Florida, USA), Anna BATTESE (St-Fadden, Australia) and Adam PHILLIPS (Redditch, United Kingdom).

Our friend Chris MILNES (Grantham, Lincolnshire, England), one of our old assistants from 2003 and 2004, has also come back to visit and is also volunteering for the White Shark Trust as a guest.

Our friend Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA) returned as a guest on the 6th of May to Gansbaai and the White Shark Trust following a month of travelling and diving in Mozambique and the eastern part of South Africa.

On Thursday the 12th of May 2005, the start of a series of winter storms was again forecasted... Shark Diving Unlimited invited us to join them on board Barracuda... Their boat offers better protection against the weather and sea conditions than Lamnidae, and they had space... perfect opportunity for our assistants to dive in the Shark cage!
Strangely, only Chris and Trey wanted to dive among our assistants... and so they did!!! And they had a great time, having the huge cage to themselves... One Shark even breached just in front of the cage! We observed six different White Sharks today, as the northwesterly wind started blowing and the ocean became choppy...
On Saturday the 14th of May 2005, the South African branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organised a weekend for their staff. They divided between an eco-cruise around Dyer Island and Haibaai with Dyer Island Cruises, a Shark cage-diving excursion with Shark Diving Unlimited, and a fast boat ride on the M.A.R.I.N.E.S. patrol speed boat.

Dr Deon Nel and Ms Aaniyah Omardien (World Wildlife Fund) organised the excursion to Gansbaai.

I was invited to join the group going cage-diving... And we observed eleven different White Sharks! They had a great time, and they all dived in the cage. They were all very excited at seeing and diving with these amazing Sharks...

One of the Sharks was constantly swimming with her mouth wide open... her gill slits and head was swollen lateraly from all the water passing through her mouth and gills... This Shark deserved a nickname: 'Basking Shark' - She just looked like a 'small' Basking Shark gulping water down like these Sharks do, and the resulting shape of her head...
We also drove past the recently established and highly controversial Salmon Farm between Kleinbaai and Dyer Island... I wanted to show this farm to the World Wildlife Fund staff to make them aware of how close these open ocean pens were located to the rich, diverse and sensitive ecosystem around Dyer Island.

You can read more about the Salmon Farm here... 1 / 2

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