The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Edward FARRELL (Dublin, Ireland), Clova JURK (Perth, Scotland), and Sarah BAHAN (Idaho, USA)

Timo SECKLER (Ellenberg, Germany) has been our assistant since the 15th of July 2005. He assisted with the manual telemetry tracking of White Sharks in Mossel Bay during the month of August.

Andy Brandy CASAGRANDE IV has been our assistant, guest and especially friend since September 2003, and he has been living in Gansbaai and assisting the White Shark Trust during most of 2004 and now again in 2005.

Once again, we were blown off the waters by a gale force south-easterly wind... On Wednesday 9th of November 2005, we went for a roadtrip to the Cape Town area... Our first stop was Sir Lowry's Pass from which you can admire the view over Somerset West and Table Mountain in the background, as well as the Franschoek Mountain range...
We then visited the now famous African Penguin colony at Boulder's Beach near Simon's Town on the Cape Peninsula... This is a wonderful place, and we made the most of the taxido looking Penguins also hiding from the strong wind behind the massive rounded boulders on the beach. And of course, we had to watch for Penguins hiding under our car too!
Our trip to the Cape of Good Hope National Park along the eastern shores of the Cape Peninsula took us along some extraordinary sceneries... The Fynbos is beautiful at this time of the year, especially with the rain of late. We even encountered some Baboons along our way, and they were fun... Although Timo seems to do a pretty good job of monkeying around too!
Arriving at the National Park parking near the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, we walked up to the old lighthouse situated at over 200 meters above the sea... Too many people in the park today unfortunately!
The sign below reads: 'Timo's are dangerous and attracted by food'
From the old lighthouse, we walked along the cliff path to the lookout point overlooking the new lighthouse built in 1912 at 90 meters height to allow for the beacon to be seen in the fog... Beautiful walk and only few tourist take that path. Timo is again monkeying around the cliff edge and dares gravity. Crazy guy!
While Clova had to help a famishing stomach and drove the car from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope, we walked down the pathway along the cliffs from one point to the other. Timo, Ed and Sarah walked down to the beach also. That walk is amazing and the views of Cape Point's two lighthouses is stunning! We also encountered some Dassies...
We drove north towards Cape Town along the western shore of the Cape Peninsula, driving over the famous (and long closed due to falling rocks) and scenic Chapman's Peak. We then visited the touristic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and had a deserved meal (Timo once again surprised everyone with his inhuman appetite).
We then drove up to Signal Hill to admire the sunset over the Atlantic with Table Mountain and Lion's Head in the backdrop... Beautiful! Then we drove back the long way to Gansbaai (well, I drove... everyone else slept!), hoping that the wind would ease off tomorrow to let us enjoy the Great White Sharks!
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