How to apply?

HOW to apply for the White Shark Trust - Field Research Assistantship?

1. Read the information in our Q&A section here


2. Complete the online Application Form here


3. eMail us your photograph, Curriculum Vitae and reference letters


1. Please read the Q&A before completing the application form for more information.

2. In the application, we ask that you send us a photograph of yourself. Please send us (via eMail or snail mail) a picture of yourself that you like and that depicts you in a way or situation that you like. The photograph is not compulsory. The reason for the photo is to associate a face to a name and to be able to recognise you at the airport when we pick you up.

3. The success of your application does not depend on you holding a diving certification as diving is considered as a recreational activity during your stay at the White Shark Trust. But the success of your application does depend on the information you supply us with in your application. This does not mean that we will disregard your application on the basis of previous experience for example, as we are willing to give anyone a chance to gain experience. We have also welcomed non-biology related assistants in the past as we believe that a true Shark Enthusiast can be just as efficient and reliable as any trained biologist. BUT since we do not know you, we have to imagine you based upon the content of the application, therefore, we recommend that you write more than just a couple of words in the answers to our questions.

4. We recommend also that your browse through our extensive photo gallery to give you an idea of our daily activities.

5. Please do not waste our time. Think before you apply. Decide if you really want to do this, and think about the reasons. The work we are conducting requires dedication and passion, so do not apply if the only benefit you foresee is for your CV. Think carefully about the preferred dates you indicate and make sure that you are available to come during these periods.

6. Before being able to complete your application form, you will get to a liability and copyright agreement page. Read carefully through these regulations, and then proceed to the online application form section.