The White Shark Trust would like to present some articles published in the public media about Sharks and the research conducted by Michael Scholl.

The White Shark Trust has an extensive photographic portfolio of White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals, Penguins, scientific fieldwork, tagging, etc as well as scenic photographs of South Africa. If you are interested in photographs for a publication or advertisement, please contact us to discuss settlements and conditions.

Below the article section you will find a sample of photographs...

Zoologie: 'J'ai Caresse Un Grand Requin Blanc'

by Jocelyn Rochat

Allez Savoir

June 2006

Shark Expert dispels 'Jaws' Myth

by Adam Beaumont


7th of July 2006

Swiss Shark Expert dispels 'Jaws' Myth - 'We Simply Don't Know The Basic Facts'

by Adam Beaumont

8th of July 2006

Face-a-Face avec le Grand Blanc

by Thierry Jacolet

La Liberte

20th of January 2006

Un Vaudois Mordu de Requins Blancs

by Thierry Jacolet

La Liberte

17th of January 2006

Great White Shark Poster

by Thomas P. Peschak

Africa Geographic

December 2005

"Hunter and Hunted: Sharky Shores"

by Thessa BOS and Andy Brandy CASAGRANDE IV

The Big Issue

December 2005

"Shark Detectives: Investigating Great Whites"

by Thomas Peschak and Michael Scholl

Africa Geographic

September 2005

"Verheiratet mit Nicole - dem Rekordhai aus Suedafrika!"

by Don R. Vigo

Amerika Woche

31st of October 2005

"La chronique de Daniel Cherix: Le grand requin blanc, une espèce encore peu connue"

by Daniel Cherix

Le Matin

16th of October 2005

"La chronique de Daniel Cherix: Les grands requins blancs sont de supervoyageurs"

by Daniel Cherix

Le Matin

9th of October 2005

"The real shark tale: Nicole makes record return trip from South Africa to Australia"

by Steve Connor

The Independent

7th of October 2005

"Out of the blue - Scientists track shark's 12,000-mile round trip"

by Kate Ravilious


7th of October 2005

"Sur la piste du grand blanc

Nature: Apres avoir anime la Nuit des Musees. le chercheur vaudois Michael Scholl publie ses decouvertes sur le grand prédateur des oceans"

by Jerome Ducret

24 Heures

7th of October 2005

"Nuit des Musées - Fitness et culturisme de l'esprit"

22-23 Septembre 2005

"On a volé le grand requin blanc du Musée de Zoologie

Cambriolage: Le plus grand 'mangeur d'hommes' conservé au monde a été subtilisé dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi au Palais de Rumine"

by Julien Magnollay

24 Heures

1st of April 2005

Mare TV

NDR - German Television

Broadcasted on the 14th of February 2005

"Weisser Hai - Besser als sein Ruf"


December 2004


VOX - German Television

Broadcasted on the 31st of July 2004

"Greater protection proposed for Lions and Sharks"

New Scientist

13th of May 2004

"Spying on Great White Sharks to better protect them"

Wildlife Conservation

April 2004

"Poachers target the Great White"

BBC Wildlife magazine

January 2004

"Marine patrol makes city's 'biggest-ever shark fin bust' "

Cape Times

30th of March 2004

"Will it be third time lucky for Maxine the Shark? - Monitored: 190Kg ragged tooth, freed after nine years in the Two Oceans Aquarium, can be followed on the internet"

Saturday Weekend Argus

20th of March 2004

"Poachers take broadside - Captured: Ships fishing illegally boarded in spectacular fashion by coastal inspectors"

Saturday Weekend Argus

20th of March 2004

"Student to Study Great Whites in Africa - Marine Biology major receives prestigious award to research sharks"

The Seahawk

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

December 4, 2003 - Volume LV, Number 13

"Researcher Develops New Method of Identifying Great White Sharks"

American Scientist

The Magazine of Sigma Xi

November / December 2003 Vol 91 No 6

"Where do Great White Sharks go?"

Gansbaai Courant

16 May 2003

Ten PAT satellite tags were deployed on White Sharks around Dyer Island and Struisbaai during April 2003 to better understand the movements of White Sharks from South Africa.

"How scientists keep tabs on the Great White Shark"

Sunday Argus

27 April 2003

Ten PAT satellite tags were deployed on White Sharks around Dyer Island and in Struisbaai in April 2003. This is a joint collaboration between MCM and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

"Jaws Jenna fed sharks by hand"

Daily Record, Scotland

17 October 2002

Scots student spent her summer holidays in South Africa getting up close to the Great White Shark

"Gansbaai White Sharks: International Scientific Focus"

Gansbaai Courant

Gansbaai Herald

8 June 2001

"The Richest Shark in the World"

Gansbaai Courant

Gansbaai Herald

1 August 2001