The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Benjamin WESTROPE (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA) is in Mossel Bay assisting the joint Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Marine and Coastal Management (MCM) research expedition to attach near-real-time SPOT Satellite transmitters on White Sharks.

Alex RILEY (Nottingham, England) and Giacomo PALAVICINI DE WITTE from Mexico are assisting the White Shark Trust fieldwork at Dyer Island.

Thursday the 20th of May 2004 was another flat day at sea, but unfortunately overcast and cold... The first three hours were very Shark slow, but then our third White Shark stayed around the boat for over one and a half hours, and that was a lot of fun (and work for Giacomo on the bait line). We welcomed Michael O'Neil from Batfish Books who is working on a Shark book for kids.
Friday the 21st of May 2004... A wonderful day at sea... not a cloud in the sky... We again welcomed Michael O'Neil on board Lamnidae, and invite you to visit his web site where you can order his book "Fishy Friends" for your children. We observed 11 different White Sharks today, and the last one, although only visiting our boat for a few seconds, was HUGE... certainly over five meters in length...
Just after obsreving the huge White Shark, we spotted a large pod of Common Dolphins swimming past Geyser Rock. Since the large Shark seemed to have chased off all the other Sharks, we decided to follow the Dolphins. For close to an hour, we followed the Dolphins into the sunset. Hundreds of Dolphins playing around the boat... That was amazing!
Saturday the 22nd of May 2004... Nice day at sea, but a bad Shark day unfortunately. We spotted four different White Sharks today, but none would spend time around the boat. We welcomed Tom PESCHAK and Kerry SINK on board Lamnidae. Kerry (below) is the Marine Ecology Coordinator for the African Coelacanthe Ecosystem Programme (ACEP).