The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN (Burnham, England), Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Nicolas PADE (Nivaa, Denmark) and John NICHOLS (La Jolla, California, USA).

Monday the 1st of November 2004, we went out on Lamnidae and observed eleven different White Sharks! Very nice day at sea, but fresh with a strong southeasterly wind blowing the whole day. The Sharks came in groups to the boat and we spent some hours waiting for them... Great Shark day though!
A week after making the new engine socks, we returned to shore with one less engine cover (see picture to the right)... One Shark just came up to the engine and bit the sock to shredds... Unfortunately, the material we managed to get this time was not as strong as the previous white material... At least, the Shark did not hurt herself by biting onto the propeller...
Tuesday the 2nd of November 2004 was the most beautiful day for many weeks... The ocean looked like a giant mirror and there was just a light breeze, not enough to cool us down. The clouds disappeared during the first few morning hours, and we observed eight White Sharks in absolutely idyllic conditions! Wonderful day!
And as usual when conditions allow it, we conducted a shore transect along the beach of Haibaai... We spotted at least fourteen different White Sharks... The conditions were perfect and the water was also a bit clearer than lately... We also spotted some Humpback Dolphins and Southern Right Whales.
When we returned to Kleinbaai mid-afternoon, Dyer Island Cruises was launching their boat for a Whale Watching trip. Whale Whisperer was not full, and Alex, Trey and John were kindly invited to join their trip. They saw probably 20+ White Sharks along the beach and also a few White Sharks swimming close to a Southern Right Whale mother and calf...
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