The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN (Burnham, England), Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Nicolas PADE (Nivaa, Denmark) and John NICHOLS (La Jolla, California, USA).

Tuesday the 16th of November 2004... A day we will always remember (for numerous reasons - see below)! We observed 21 different White Sharks, and during the whole time we were anchored, we had several Sharks around the boat at the same time... A crazy day to make sense of the identity of the different Sharks!!! But what an amazing day!
Our friends from Shark Diving Unlimited had a famous actor on board Barracuda this morning. The identity of the person will not be revealed here out of respect for his/her privacy, until we get permission from him/her.

This was his/her second day on the boat, and it is really great to know that

there are famous (i.e. influencial) people out there spreading a good word and the truth about White Sharks and Sharks!

We need more Shark Embassadors in the world... Especially people who through their fame and personality can act as role models!

In November 2004, former South African President Nelson Mandela appointed Brad Pitt as a 46664 Special Ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Nelson Mandela met Brad Pitt in Johannesburg during his visit to South Africa as a guest of 46664 Concerts Director, Sir Richard Branson. During their meeting the critical issue of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa was discussed. Brad Pitt agreed to join the galaxy of stars that includes the artists that performed at the 46664 concert in Cape Town in 2003 as well as individuals such as President Bill Clinton, Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey, to support Mr Mandela to raise awareness of the fight to stop HIV/AIDS and funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to help those infected and affected by the pandemic in South Africa.

On the 15th of November 2004, Brad Pitt came back to Gansbaai, one week after his first visit... He apparently fell in love with Great White Sharks he discovered the first time around. Below are two photographs of Brad Pitt's second day with the Sharks on board Barracuda.

I do not like paparazzis (although all my assistants have said that I do a good job at it, taking all the pictures on this gallery), but I think it is important for celebrities like Brad Pitt to show their interest for endangered animals like the White Sharks. They are very influencial ambassadors for these animals, and Sharks definitely need their support.

Brad Pitt leaning on one of the outboard engines for a closer look at the Great White Shark - Morne Hardenberg is handling the baitline.
Brad Pitt and Michael Rutzen posing for a picture on Barracuda.
These two photographs were approved for publishing on this web site on the 14th of April 2005 by Brad Pitt through his representing agency BWR Public Relations.
Wednesday the 17th of November... Overcast, fresh and rainy day at sea... We decided to look for Sharks around Dyer Island, and we observed two White Sharks. We then drove through Shark Alley between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock to look at the Cape Fur Seals. Their reproduction season has started a couple of weeks ago...
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