The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN (Burnham, England), Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Nicolas PADE (Nivaa, Denmark), John NICHOLS (La Jolla, California, USA) and Alice CLARKE (London, England).

On Sunday the 28th of November 2004, Michael Scholl drove to a private airfield near Stanford to fly along the coastline looking for White Sharks.

This was the first White Shark surveillance flight in the Dyer Island, Haibaai and Walker Bay area, and the purpose of these flights will be to supplement our boat-based shore transect in Haibaai. It is much easier to spot Sharks from the air than it is from the boat, and the combination of both air and surface transect along the beaches will allow us to properly investigate the utilization of the near beach area by White Sharks.

Michael was welcome by Marius FURST, co-owner of the airplane, in the morning of Sunday. We would like thank Marius Furst for his time and for sponsoring this first very interesting flight. It was amazing to see the area where we live in from a bird's view!

We spotted seven different White Sharks along our usual shore transect in Haibaai... and it was really exciting to observe them from the sky. We also observed several Southern Right Whales along our flight, and that was really wonderful too. We then flew around Dyer Island and Geyser Rock... We were very lucky with the fantastic weather also!

'Downtown' Gansbaai with the harbour
Haibaai with Erlkraalsmond river mouth
White Shark following another White Shark along the Haibaai beach
Geyser Rock and Shark Alley Dyer Island and Quoin Point
Dyer Island and kelp beds Geyser Rock and Dyer Island
Cape Fur Seal colony... ...on Geyser Rock
Haibaai from Sandy Point looking to the Gansbaai mountain
Haibaai - Erlkraalsmond river mouth - Our swimming beach
Haibaai - Dolphins
Gansbaai, De Kelders and Walker Bay
De Kelders and Gansbaai mountain
Die Plaat and De Kelder's famous caves
Southern Right Whale mother and albino calf in De Kelders
After this successful and exciting flight, Sunday afternoon, we launched Lamnidae from Kleinbaai... Along our boat-based Haibaai shore transect, we counted eight different White Sharks and we encountered seven playfull Humpback Dolphins near Sandy Point... A Cape Fur Seal joined the Dolphins...
We then anchored Lamnidae in Holbaai and started chuming for White Sharks... We only observed two different White Sharks shortly after we anchored, and then nothing anymore... This was definitely a very exciting day even though the Sharks around the boat were not that numerous...