The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Alex BROWN (Burnham, England), Trey SNOW (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Nicolas PADE (Nivaa, Denmark) and John NICHOLS (La Jolla, California, USA).

On Monday the 18th of October, we went out to sea on board Lamnidae after a stormy weekend... The wind was gusting gale force, the sea was really choppy and the water was extremely murky... Not the best conditions, but we observed ten different White Sharks... A mother and calf Southern Right Whale visited our boat also while we were working with a Shark...
Tuesday the 19th of October... What a contrast compared to yesterday's windy and choppy day! Today was a wonderful, flat and warm day at sea... This was also one of the best Sharks days we have had in a while... We observed nine different White Sharks today, mostly concentrated in two hours of action. Great and beautiful day!
And there he goes again... Alex is fishing again... Last week, he caught Nemo, what is it going to be this week? Marwin? Dorice? Bruce?

Yes, he managed to catch Mini-Bruce, a local Houndshark... But do not worry, we 'managed to convince' Alex to let the small Shark go... And there she goes... Free!

Returning back to Kleinbaai, the small harbour from which we launch Lamnidae, we did our shore transect along the entire bay... Unfortunately, the water was still very murky and green in the shallows... Nevertheless, we spotted four different White Sharks swimming close to the beach... What an amazing day! We then went to De Kelders to see the sunset...
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