Hayley ROSE

Oxford, England, UK

Thursday the 8th of June 2006, another beautiful day at sea... we observed twelve different White Sharks today, but none remained around the boat for very long unfortunately, rather short and quick visits before disappearing into the depth again. Very nice day though! Rebecca and her mom joined us on Shark Fever today, and they both went into the Shark cage!
A large and very curious Southern Giant Petrel (Macronectes giganteus) visited Shark Fever and our fishy lure... Very curious bird coming really close to the boat, posing for all the photographers on the boat... and seemingly uncaring about the Sharks swimming beneath the bird... some close encounters however, but the (crazy) Petrel got away...
Friday the 9th of June 2006, the glare from the sun at the surface was preventing us from adequately identifying the Sharks, but we observed over five different White Sharks. Becca and her mom were generously invited by Wilfred Chivell to join Dyer Island Cruises' EcoTour of Dyer Island on board Whale Whisperer.

The famous french documentary series Ushuaia Nature is in Gansbaai for two weeks to produce an episode about the Great White Shark. Having grown up with the adventures of Nicolas Hulot's Ushuaia on television, it was a really great to meet the Ushuaia Nature team. Laurent Ballesta welcomed me on several occasions to discuss the Sharks around Dyer Island, and our views on the marine world have tied a longlasting friendship.

From left to right: Laurent Ballesta, Michael Scholl and Nicolas Hulot
From left to right: Laurent Ballesta, Michael Scholl, Nicolas Hulot and Charles Maxwell
Filming an interview between Laurent Ballesta and Nicolas Hulot with Andre Hartman