On the 21st of September 2005, on the day Michael Scholl left for Europe, the carcass of a dead Southern Right Whale was found drifting between Dyer Island and Danger Point. During the next few days, all the White Sharks in the area would eventually find their way to the blubbery carcass, and eat to their satisfaction of the fat thick layer of blubber, possibly the Shark's favourite meal... Our assistants, Dave, Timo and Andy rented a boat on the 23rd and 24th of September to go observe and film this rare and amazing scavenging 'frenzy' of White Sharks.
On Saturday the 30th of October, Wilfred Chivell (Dyer Island Cruises & Marine Dynamics) invited us to look at the 'bone excavation' procedure underway to recover the squeleton of the by-now beached Southern Right Whale carcass. Wilfred has obtained a permit from Marine and Coastal Management to get the squeleton of the Whale for a museum. It is a messy and stinky job, and the entire process from today to having the squeleton hanging in a museum takes two to three years. According to the expertise of the taxidermist in charge of the operation, a large vessel had collided with the Whale in a full frontal collision, crushing her skull and killing the Whale instantly.