Our friend Chris Florescu has been very active with fund raising and marketing for the White Shark Trust during the past few months. Chris joined the White Shark Trust in 2002 and 2003, and assisted in the research fieldwork. He has an amazing passion for White Sharks and for life, and he always manages to share this feeling with everyone he meets.

Chris approached the Supersigns shop in his home town of Chichester and they offered to advertise the White Shark Trust on Chris' car (just to make sure that we are not mistaken: the White Shark Trust does not own a Mercedes, Chris does!).

We found the idea absolutely brilliant and I would like to express our dearest thanks to the Supersigns team for their support and fantastic work, and to Chris for his great ideas and enthusiasm (and for transforming his car into a marketing banner).

Supersigns also offered to support us with any other sign material and banners we might need for presentations and talks. We are very thankful to Supersigns for the generosity and genuine interest in helping White Sharks!

If you see this car somewhere, please take a picture and / or send us your comments and stories. We will publish them here on this page...
From left to right: Chris Florescu and the Supersigns team: Chris Browne, Jason Lemm, Ben Reed and Nick Clews
Introduction by Chris Florescu

I first met the SuperSigns team two months ago, initially it was via a phone call with Chris Browne (a member of the design team) I told him about my plans to raise positive Shark awareness and how my vision was to work in schools, aquariums, shoping centres and famous locations throughout the world raising world awareness on the Great White Shark. Chris' immediate reaction was of great interest and suport, he promised he would talk to his boss Jason and Dave to see if we could put together an awareness campaign.

I explained that we were in no financial position to pay for all the work and that the awareness project could only materialise through their support. Chris called me back a couple of days later to meet Jason and Dave and work out a strategic awareness campaign. Since that initial meeting with SuperSigns, the White Shark Trust and SuperSigns have developed an excellent understanding of how both organisations operate resulting in first class promotional material.

I can honestly recommend the team at SuperSigns to anyone seeking personal, creative, enthusiastic workmanship. The company was established 14 years ago and boasts an elaborate clientel.

For further info visit the SuperSigns web site.